Zuma’s Revenge!

Updated on:

February 17, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


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Zuma’s Revenge! is a puzzle game developed and published by PopCap Games. It was released in 2009 and is the sequel to the popular game Zuma. In this game, players control a frog-shaped creature who must shoot colored balls at a line of balls moving along a path, in an attempt to match three or more of the same color and clear them from the board.


Adventure mode: The main mode of the game, which consists of multiple levels with increasing difficulty. The levels are split into different islands, each with its own unique theme and boss battle.

Challenge mode: A mode where players can play a specific level from the adventure mode without any restrictions, such as time limits or lives.

Power-ups: The game features power-ups that can be earned by making certain matches, such as a laser beam that can destroy multiple balls at once, or a bomb that can clear a large area.

Boss battles: At the end of each island, players must face a boss battle that requires them to use different strategies to defeat.


Addictive gameplay: Zuma’s Revenge! has simple gameplay mechanics that are easy to learn but challenging to master. The game’s difficulty increases gradually, which makes it satisfying to progress through the levels.

Beautiful graphics: The game has colorful and detailed graphics that bring the different islands to life. The animations are smooth and the sound effects are fitting.

Replayability: With the adventure mode and challenge mode, as well as the ability to try and beat your high scores, Zuma’s Revenge! offers a lot of replayability.


Repetitive gameplay: While the game is addictive, some players may find the gameplay to be repetitive, especially as they progress through the levels.

Limited power-ups: While the game features power-ups, they are limited and can only be earned by making certain matches. This may be frustrating for players who want to use power-ups more frequently.

Lack of innovation: Zuma’s Revenge! doesn’t introduce many new features or mechanics compared to its predecessor, which may be disappointing for some players.


Zuma’s Revenge! is a fun and addictive puzzle game that is easy to pick up but challenging to master. The game’s colorful graphics, smooth animations, and challenging boss battles make it a joy to play. While the gameplay can be repetitive and the power-ups are limited, the game’s overall experience is still enjoyable and worth playing for fans of the genre.

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