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February 16, 2024



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Windows 8 is a previous version of the Windows operating system released by Microsoft in 2012. Here is a review of its features, pros and cons, and conclusion:


Windows 8 had a brand new interface, called the “Modern UI,” which used a tile-based approach to display apps and other information.
It introduced a new version of the Internet Explorer web browser, Internet Explorer 10.
The operating system was optimized for touch-based devices, with support for multi-touch gestures and the ability to run on both desktop and tablet computers.
Windows 8 featured improved security features, including Secure Boot, which helps prevent malware from taking over a computer during the boot process.

The new interface was more modern and touch-friendly than previous versions of Windows.
Windows 8 was optimized for touch-based devices and had better support for tablets.
It had improved security features to help protect against malware and other threats.

The new interface was not well-received by all users, and many people found it confusing and difficult to use.
Windows 8 had a steep learning curve for users who were accustomed to previous versions of Windows.
It lacked some of the features that were popular in previous versions of Windows, such as the Start menu.
Overall, Windows 8 was a mixed bag. While it had some new and innovative features, such as the Modern UI and improved security features, it also had a steep learning curve and lacked some of the features that were popular in previous versions of Windows. Ultimately, it was not as well-received by users as Microsoft had hoped, and many people chose to stick with Windows 7 or wait for the next version of Windows.

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