Termux for PC

Updated on:

February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Free / Trial

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that allows users to run Linux commands on their Android devices. However, Termux is primarily designed for Android and does not have an official PC version. It is specifically tailored to take advantage of the features and capabilities of the Android operating system.

That being said, there are alternatives available for running a Linux environment on a PC. Here are a few popular options:

  1. Linux Distributions: You can install a Linux distribution directly on your PC, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian. These distributions provide a complete Linux environment and allow you to run terminal commands natively.
  2. Virtual Machines: You can use virtualization software like VirtualBox or VMware to create a virtual machine on your PC and install a Linux distribution within it. This enables you to have a separate Linux environment while still using your primary operating system.
  3. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): If you are using Windows 10, you can enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which allows you to run a Linux environment alongside your Windows installation. This provides a command-line interface similar to Termux.
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