Updated on:

February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Free / Trial

R-Undelete is a data recovery software program developed by R-Tools Technology Inc. It is designed to help users recover lost or deleted files from various storage media including hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and other removable media.


Supports various file systems, including NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12/16/32, exFAT, and ReFS.
Provides a preview feature that allows users to view recoverable files before restoring them.
Offers a wizard-based interface for easy navigation and operation.
Supports both basic and dynamic disks.
Offers a Deep Scan mode to thoroughly search for lost or deleted files.
Allows users to search for files by their name, extension, size, and creation or modification date.
Supports saving scan results for future use and resuming a previous scan.
Supports recovery of files from damaged, formatted, or repartitioned drives.

User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
Supports a wide range of file systems and storage media.
Provides a preview feature to ensure that the correct file is being recovered.
Deep Scan mode provides thorough file recovery.
Allows for saving scan results and resuming a previous scan.

The free version has limited functionality.
The recovery process can be slow for large drives.
Overall, R-Undelete is a reliable data recovery software that can help users recover lost or deleted files from various storage media. Its user-friendly interface and wide range of supported file systems and storage media make it a great choice for both novice and advanced users. However, the free version’s limited functionality and slow recovery process for large drives may be a drawback for some users.

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