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February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Free / Trial


Playnite is an open-source video game library manager that allows gamers to organize their game collections from different digital distribution platforms in one place. It is available for Windows and is compatible with platforms such as Steam, GOG, Origin, and more. Here’s a review of Playnite, including its features, pros, and cons.


Import games from different platforms into one library
Automatically download game information such as cover art, release date, and description
Customize library views and sort games by various categories such as platform, genre, and release date
Launch games directly from the Playnite interface
Support for game emulators
Plugins support, which enables additional functionality such as gamepad support, Twitch streaming, and more

Consolidates game libraries from different platforms into one place
Supports a large number of platforms and distribution platforms
Simple and user-friendly interface
The ability to launch games from the Playnite interface, with the ability to customize the game launch process
Open-source and free to use

Limited support for some platforms
Some features, such as gamepad support, require additional plugins
Can be slow to download game information for larger libraries
Playnite is an excellent solution for gamers who have game collections spread across multiple platforms. It’s easy to use, customizable, and supports a broad range of platforms. While there are some limitations, such as limited support for some platforms and the need for additional plugins for some features, Playnite remains a highly useful tool for organizing and managing game collections. Its open-source nature and the fact that it is free to use also make it an attractive option for gamers.

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