Offline Explorer Pro

Updated on:

February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Free / Trial

Offline Explorer Pro is an offline browser that allows users to download and archive websites for offline viewing. It is developed by MetaProducts Corporation and is designed for use on Windows-based computers. Here’s a review of the software, including its features, pros, and cons.


Can download websites and their content for offline viewing
Supports downloading from multiple sources simultaneously
Has a built-in browser for previewing downloaded content
Can schedule automatic downloads and updates
Supports advanced website downloading features, such as website login and form filling
Offers filtering options to download only specific content
Supports downloading from password-protected websites
Allows users to browse downloaded websites without an internet connection
Supports exporting downloaded content to various formats

Offers advanced features for website downloading
Can download from multiple sources simultaneously
Supports scheduling automatic downloads and updates
Offers filtering options for downloading specific content
Has a built-in browser for previewing downloaded content

Interface can be overwhelming for some users
Can be resource-intensive, especially when downloading large websites
Expensive compared to similar software
Can have compatibility issues with certain websites
Offline Explorer Pro is a powerful tool for downloading and archiving websites for offline viewing. It offers advanced features and options for downloading, filtering, and browsing downloaded content. However, the software can be resource-intensive and has compatibility issues with certain websites. It also comes at a relatively high cost compared to other similar software options. Nonetheless, it remains a useful tool for those who need to download and archive websites for offline use.

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