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February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


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Loop Email is an email collaboration software that aims to streamline communication and increase productivity. Here is a review of the platform, along with its features, pros, and cons.


Shared inboxes: Loop Email offers shared inboxes to allow teams to manage emails collaboratively.
Unified inbox: Users can view multiple email accounts in a unified inbox, allowing for easier management of emails.
Chat and comments: Loop Email includes a chat and comments feature to enable team collaboration and real-time communication.
Workflow automation: The software includes workflow automation to streamline email management and increase efficiency.
Integrations: Loop Email can be integrated with other business tools, such as project management software.

Shared inboxes: The shared inbox feature allows for collaborative management of emails, reducing the workload on individual team members.
Unified inbox: The unified inbox makes it easier to manage multiple email accounts in one place, improving productivity and efficiency.
Chat and comments: The chat and comments feature enables real-time communication and collaboration within the software.
Workflow automation: The workflow automation feature can streamline email management and increase productivity.

Limited features: Loop Email lacks some of the advanced features of other email collaboration software, such as the ability to schedule emails or create templates.
Cost: Loop Email can be costly for businesses, with pricing plans based on the number of users and features.
Learning curve: The software may have a learning curve for new users, particularly those who are not experienced with email collaboration software.
Overall, Loop Email is a useful email collaboration software that offers shared inboxes, a unified inbox, chat and comments features, and workflow automation. These features can help streamline communication and increase productivity. However, the software may be limited in some features compared to other email collaboration software, and the cost may be a drawback for some businesses. If you are looking for a collaboration-focused email management software with useful automation features, Loop Email is worth considering.

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