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February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


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LICEcap is a lightweight software tool that allows users to create animated screen captures or GIFs of their computer screen. It’s a popular choice for creating tutorials, demonstrations, or visual content that requires capturing screen activity.


  1. Simple Interface: LICEcap features a straightforward and minimalistic interface, making it easy to use even for users with limited technical expertise.
  2. Screen Capture: The software allows you to select a specific region of your computer screen or capture the entire screen. You can also choose the frame rate for your captures.
  3. Adjustable Recording Size: LICEcap enables you to resize the recording window to fit the specific area you want to capture, ensuring flexibility and customization.
  4. Export as GIF: Once you’ve recorded your screen capture, LICEcap allows you to save it as an animated GIF file, which is compatible with various platforms and can be easily shared.
  5. Customizable Frame Rate: You can adjust the frame rate of the captured GIF, allowing you to control the smoothness and file size of the animation.
  6. Pause and Resume Recording: LICEcap offers the ability to pause and resume recordings, allowing you to capture specific moments or exclude unnecessary sections from your final GIF.


  • Lightweight and Easy to Use: LICEcap is a small and simple tool that doesn’t require complex installation or configuration, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Customizable Capture Size and Frame Rate: The software provides flexibility in capturing specific areas of the screen and adjusting the frame rate according to your needs.
  • Export as GIF: LICEcap’s ability to export captures as animated GIFs allows for easy sharing on websites, social media platforms, and other mediums.
  • Pause and Resume Recording: The option to pause and resume recordings provides greater control over the content you capture.


  • Limited Editing Features: LICEcap focuses primarily on screen capture and GIF creation, so it may lack advanced editing features that some users may require.
  • Windows and macOS Compatibility Only: LICEcap is available for Windows and macOS systems, and there is no official version for Linux or other operating systems.

Conclusion: LICEcap is a lightweight and user-friendly software tool for capturing screen activity and creating animated GIFs. Its simple interface and customizable capture options make it a convenient choice for users who need to record and share screen-based content. While it may not offer extensive editing capabilities, its primary focus on screen capture and GIF creation makes it a reliable tool for creating quick and shareable visual content.

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