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February 16, 2024



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Hangouts is a messaging and video conferencing platform developed by Google. Here is a review of the platform, along with its features, pros, and cons.


Messaging: Hangouts allows users to send text messages and make voice and video calls to other Hangouts users.
Group chat: Users can create group chats with up to 150 participants, making it easy to communicate with multiple people at once.
Screen sharing: Hangouts allows users to share their screen during a video call, making it easy to give presentations or share files.
Integration with Google services: Hangouts integrates with other Google services such as Google Calendar and Google Drive, making it easy to schedule and share files.
Mobile app: Hangouts has a mobile app that allows users to access their messaging and video calling features on the go.

User-friendly interface: Hangouts is straightforward and easy to use, with a clean and simple interface.
Free: Hangouts is free to use for anyone with a Google account, making it accessible to everyone.
Multi-platform support: Hangouts is available on desktop and mobile platforms, making it easy to use on any device.
Integration with other Google services: The integration with other Google services makes it easy to use in conjunction with other business tools.

Limited features: Hangouts has limited features compared to other messaging and video conferencing platforms, such as the inability to record video calls.
Limited customization: Hangouts does not offer much customization options, such as the ability to change the background or add filters.
Lack of advanced features: Hangouts lacks advanced features such as virtual backgrounds and screen recording, which may be a drawback for some users.
Overall, Hangouts is a simple and user-friendly messaging and video conferencing platform that is accessible to anyone with a Google account. While it may lack some of the advanced features of other platforms, it is a good option for those who primarily use messaging and video calling for communication. The integration with other Google services also makes it a popular choice for those who use other Google tools. However, if you require more advanced features or customization options, other messaging and video conferencing platforms may be more suitable.


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