Corel Painter

Updated on:

February 17, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Free / Trial

Corel Painter is a digital art software that provides users with an extensive array of tools to create and edit digital paintings. Here’s a review of its features, pros, and cons, and conclusion.


Over 900 brushes and custom brush options
Wide range of paper textures and surfaces
Realistic tools and effects, such as watercolors, oils, and pastels
Advanced layer capabilities
Support for Photoshop files and plugins
Ability to customize workspace and hotkeys
Selection and masking tools
Clone and photo-painting features
Brush tracking and stroke smoothing
Customizable brush libraries
Integrated learning resources

Offers a vast selection of brushes and customizable options for creating unique digital paintings
Provides realistic and customizable tools and effects, such as watercolors and pastels
Has a variety of paper textures and surfaces to choose from for added depth and authenticity
Has advanced layer capabilities, allowing for easy manipulation and organization of artwork
Supports Photoshop files and plugins, making it easy to incorporate Painter into existing workflows
Offers extensive customization options for the workspace and hotkeys
Provides a range of selection and masking tools for precise editing and manipulation
Has brush tracking and stroke smoothing, making it easier to achieve clean lines and smooth strokes
Features customizable brush libraries for efficient workflow
Offers a range of integrated learning resources to help users improve their skills and knowledge

Can be overwhelming for beginners due to the extensive range of options and customization available
Can be resource-intensive, requiring a powerful computer to run smoothly
Can have a steep learning curve for users who are not familiar with digital art software
Corel Painter is a powerful digital art software that offers an extensive array of tools and features for creating and editing digital paintings. It is a great choice for professional artists and designers who require a wide range of customization options and realistic tools and effects. While it may have a steep learning curve and be resource-intensive, the extensive learning resources and customization options make it a great investment for those looking to create high-quality digital artwork.

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