Company Portal

Updated on:

February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Free / Trial

Company Portal is a mobile application management tool designed to help businesses manage their employees’ mobile devices.


Mobile Device Management: Company Portal allows businesses to manage their employees’ mobile devices, including configuring settings, installing apps, and enforcing security policies.

App Distribution: The platform provides a centralized location for businesses to distribute and manage their internal apps.

App Catalog: Company Portal offers an app catalog that allows employees to browse and download company-approved apps.

Device Enrollment: The platform provides an easy way for businesses to enroll their employees’ mobile devices into the management system.

Reporting: Company Portal provides reporting features that allow businesses to track device and app usage, as well as identify potential security risks.


Mobile Device Management: The platform’s mobile device management features allow businesses to efficiently manage their employees’ mobile devices, increasing security and productivity.

App Distribution: The centralized app distribution feature simplifies app management for businesses and ensures that employees have access to the latest versions of company-approved apps.

App Catalog: The app catalog feature allows employees to easily find and download company-approved apps, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Device Enrollment: The easy device enrollment process makes it simple for businesses to add new devices to their management system.

Reporting: The reporting features provide valuable insights into device and app usage, helping businesses identify potential security risks and areas for improvement.


Limited Features: Company Portal may not have as many features as some other mobile device management tools.

Limited App Availability: The platform only supports the distribution of internal company apps, limiting the range of available apps for employees.


Overall, Company Portal is a useful mobile device management tool that offers features such as mobile device management, app distribution, an app catalog, device enrollment, and reporting. Its mobile device management features, app distribution, and reporting make it a great choice for businesses looking to manage their employees’ mobile devices efficiently and effectively. However, its limited features and app availability may be a drawback for some businesses. Overall, Company Portal is a good choice for businesses looking for a reliable and straightforward mobile device management tool.

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