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February 16, 2024



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carVertical is an innovative platform that provides comprehensive vehicle history reports and services. It aims to empower car buyers and sellers with accurate and transparent information about used vehicles. By leveraging blockchain technology and data from various sources, carVertical offers a reliable and trustworthy solution for accessing the history and condition of a vehicle.

Features List: carVertical offers a range of features to assist users in evaluating the history of a vehicle, including:

  1. Vehicle history reports: Users can obtain detailed reports that include information on previous accidents, mileage discrepancies, ownership history, service records, and more.
  2. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoding: The platform allows users to decode the VIN of a vehicle to gather specific details about its make, model, year, and manufacturing specifications.
  3. Market value analysis: carVertical provides market value estimates based on factors such as the vehicle’s condition, mileage, and market trends.
  4. Odometer data verification: The platform compares the recorded mileage with available data sources to identify potential discrepancies or tampering.
  5. Stolen vehicle check: Users can check if a vehicle has been reported as stolen or has any outstanding theft records.
  6. Integration with blockchain technology: carVertical utilizes blockchain to secure and verify the accuracy and integrity of the data in their reports.

Pros and Cons: Pros:

  1. Comprehensive vehicle history reports that provide detailed information.
  2. Transparency and accuracy through the use of blockchain technology.
  3. Access to important data such as accidents, mileage discrepancies, and ownership history.
  4. VIN decoding for specific vehicle details.
  5. Market value analysis helps users make informed decisions.
  6. Stolen vehicle checks offer peace of mind for buyers.


  1. Availability and coverage may vary by country or region, potentially limiting the scope of information for some users.
  2. Limited information on the specific sources used for data collection and verification.
  3. Additional features or services may require separate fees or subscriptions.

Conclusion: carVertical is an innovative platform that brings transparency and reliability to the used car market. With its comprehensive vehicle history reports, VIN decoding, market value analysis, and integration of blockchain technology, carVertical provides users with the necessary tools to make informed decisions when buying or selling a used vehicle. While regional availability and limited information on data sources may be minor drawbacks, the platform’s commitment to accuracy and transparency makes it a valuable resource for car buyers and sellers looking for trustworthy information about a vehicle’s history.

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