5 Nights At Grek’s Hotel

Updated on:

February 16, 2024



Operating System:

Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


Free / Trial


“5 Nights at Grek’s Hotel,” previously known as “5 Nights at Shrek’s Hotel,” is an exceptional indie horror game that leaves a lasting impression through a single playthrough. Developed by RenderPi, a talented solo developer, this game masterfully combines elements of humor, horror, and gameplay reminiscent of the cult favorite “P.T.” It’s worth noting that the game can be completed relatively quickly and features bright flashing effects that may cause discomfort for players with photosensitivity issues.

The game immerses players in a unique scenario: after selling their house, they find themselves temporarily staying at a hotel before reaching their new destination. Surprisingly, they have chosen a hotel managed by Shrek. However, something is amiss, and players are thrust into terrifying nightmares, challenging them to survive the ordeal.

The game is distributed as a compressed ZIP archive, without an automated installer or uninstaller. Players can simply extract the contents to a local folder and launch the game by running the EXE file. This approach offers portability, allowing the game to be played on any PC by transferring it to a portable flash drive.

It’s important to be aware that the game includes loud jumpscares accompanied by bright flashing effects, which may cause discomfort for individuals with photosensitivity issues.

Thanks to its simplistic in-game assets and the lightweight requirements of the Unity game engine, “5 Nights at Grek’s Hotel” can run smoothly on older PCs, including laptops with integrated graphics cards. The game is compatible with modern Windows versions and has been optimized for Windows 10 and Windows 11.


  1. Memorable indie horror game with a blend of humor and P.T.-inspired gameplay.
  2. Unforgettable experience that can be completed in a single sitting.
  3. Portable gameplay without the need for installation.
  4. Compatibility with older PCs and integrated graphics cards.
  5. Optimized for Windows 10 and Windows 11.


  1. Engaging mix of humor, horror, and gameplay elements.
  2. Free to play and accessible to a wide range of players.
  3. Portable gaming experience playable on any PC.
  4. Compatibility with older hardware and integrated graphics.
  5. Optimized for Windows 10 and Windows 11.


  1. Relatively short gameplay duration.
  2. Bright flashing effects may cause discomfort for players with photosensitivity issues.
  3. Lack of an automated installer and uninstaller.


“5 Nights at Grek’s Hotel” delivers an immersive horror experience that successfully blends humor, horror, and gameplay reminiscent of P.T. With its portable nature, compatibility with older PCs, and optimization for Windows 10 and Windows 11, the game offers accessibility to a wide range of players. However, prospective players should consider the relatively short gameplay duration and the presence of bright flashing effects. Overall, “5 Nights at Grek’s Hotel” is a worthwhile and memorable indie horror game that can provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

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